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   than a facebook friendship on them. day zero, go hour drive bloomington minnesota to st. cloud, minnesota. i've committed to maybe 31 days being away from home from my wife. i had a lot lot of second-guessing when i was driving, wondered if i could do this even if i wanted to do it for a full month. that was a little scary to start. i had a good experience on the first day with my friend and made me feel just really comfortable with the distinction i made. from there i website to the west until i got to the ocean. went south and essentially just returned headed east went through utah, colorado, nebraska, iowa until i got back to minnesota. that first leg took 31 days. i've met about 100 of my facebook friends. when i started i had 302 facebook friends. it's about a third of the friends i've met. it's an interesting thing,
   getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
   we've got you under our wing. we've got you under our wing. a-a-a-aflaaac! >> paul: this week on the journal editorial report: times square terror. an american citizen radicalized in pakistan. a story all too familiar to our friends across the atlantic. what we can learn from the united kingdom. and what faisal shahzad says about our own anti-terrorism operations here. >> yeah cost in greece sends stocks into a tailspin. will that threaten our own economic recovery? welcome to the journal editorial report i'm paul gigot. first up this week the times square bomber and lessons from the united kingdom. as authorities continue their investigation into the attempted terror attack in new york city, a clearer
   >>> this week on the journal >>> this week on the journal editorial report, g.o.p., resurgence, once down and out, republicans are charging back in states like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. and as the fight over tax cuts goes on in washington voters in many parts of the country are already feeling the pinch. thanks to historic tax hikes by cash-strapped states chchl are the worst offenders and rahm emmanuel is the latest to take z.what it means for the president's post-election agenda. welcome to the journal
   >>> this week on the journal >>> this week on the journal editorial report", a look at the most-important races and why they matter. and some sleepers to watch for. plus, lessons from the campaign. our panels take on what is really driving voter anger z their picks for the best and of course, the worst. moments of the election season. >> welcome to the "journal editorial report" i'm paul
   >> this week on the journal >> this week on the journal editorial report, as candidates make their final campaign push, a look at the most important races and why they matter. and some sleepers to watch for, plus, lessons from the campaign, our panels take on what's really driving voter anger and their picks for the best and of course the worst moment of the election season. welcome to the journal, editorial report.
   experience issue, she hasn't been in congress that long and the question would be, does she -- if she could get the nomination, will she seem to be somebody who can go toe to toe with barack obama and looks like somebody the american people could put in the oval office? >> well, you know, i was very impressed with michele bachmann when i interviewed her last week for the paper, paul. she's lightning in bottle as we described her in our news story. she is someone who is incredibly dynamic, i was impressed how knowledgeable she was in economic issues. what people paid attention to our the story, she reads ludwig van nesis on the beach. >> hold on, the austrian economist. do you believe that when she said that. >> i do believe her. she knew about his writings and she said really i, i love the stuff he rights about consumer sovereignty and she's knowledgeable with economics and i'll say this, also, i
   >> i just want people to know >> i just want people to know that a liberal can survive your show. sean: thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta. greta: thank you, sean. we cannot sit on our hands. who said that? secretary gates said that today. why did he say it, and what publicly? does it spell trouble between the president -- and why public ly? does it spell trouble between the president and his secretary? and whoopi goldberg. deep inside north korea. rev. franklin graham to all of us to a hospital outside of p'yongyang, where doctors often operate without power by the dim light of the sun.
   >> this week o >> this week o >> this week on the journal world leaders gather inr f copenhagen one is rooting for cf failure in the conference.reid bargain, did he get rid of the public option only to replace it with something worse? plus, congress takes on one of the pressing issues of our time, how college football decides which teams will play in the national championship. could we soon be saying goodbye to the rose bowl? welcome to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul gigot. fresh from accepting his nobel peace prize, president obama heads to copenhagen next week, the site of the largest united nations climate change conference in history. considered by many
   she likes the excitement of she likes the excitement of election day and in oregon, voted for romney and proud to say i convinced two others to do so as well. >> paul: this week on the journal editorial report, the presidential campaign against back on track in the wake of superstorm sandy. headed into the final days, we'll look at the final arguments and 33 seats up for grabs in the senate and the power could hinge on a few key races and tell you which to watch. what they could mean for taxpayers, school kids and organized labor. welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. the presidential campaign kicked back into high gear late in week in the wake of hurricane sandy with president
   welcome to both of you. i heard this from someone very up flew wednesday with a lot of skin in the game. what do you think about this theory, steve? >> i think the theory is, is there may be something to it. it is pretty clear that barack obama need to repair his relationship with liberals on capitol hill. they're not very excited about potential military action in syria. you know, they're not happy with the, with the sequester spending cuts. and so barack obama is losing a little bit of his left-wing base. now how do you recapture that? one requested, melissa, would be to put someone at the left really likes in the position of federal reserve chairman. and of course that is janet yellen. janet yellen is the first choice of all liberals. melissa: yeah. >> in that case you would see larry summers being the fall guy. melissa: jonathan, what do you think about this? this was all the talk, before we got all wrapped up in the syria thing, this is on the front page
   very similar situations but what you have when you have lobbyists involved in the process you either have the legislators or lobbyists slipping these piece of legislation forward and you know, adding it through an amendment process and here you go. it's outrageous. it is not meant as you referenced earlier in your show, police, fire, teachers, janitors, laborers, those are what these pensions are for. many of them are unfunded right now. they can't, they can't meet the obligations. and it needs an executive order like what chris christie is doing and others to get a really a handle on this and kick them out. melissa: steve moore, my brain ex-supposedded when i read this and tried to figure out how -- all of you agree that it is insane. it is hard to find somebody to defend why this would be the right thing to do. the groups, some folks involved say, that they operate mostly or solely on dues from their members, which are paid out of taxpayer-funded budgets. >> right. melissa: so they give a voice to government entities that serve
   >> this week on the journal, >> this week on the journal, editorial report, president obama's fuzzy math. he says closing the loophole isn't enough and that the tax rates must go up for top earners. does he really want to avoid the coming tax cliff? plus, the petraeus scandal further muddies the benghazi probe. was the account of this in any way related to his affair. and the u.s. on track to be be the largest oil producer, but will the obama administration let it happen or turn an oil boom into a bust? welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. headed into friday, fiscal
   mention it so prominently, or was this sort after bait and switch for the environmentalists and mention it and in policy terms don't. >> there may be some bait and switch, but this is key. if he doesn't need to get anything through the congress, like the potomac swatch-- >> kim strassel. >> so well. they think that they have a court decision a few years empowers them to regulate carbon. they think they're off to the races here and this suggests to me that maybe the play is, with all of the business community expecting an approval of the keystone pipeline, the president might approve the pipeline, but then really ratchet down on the use of the oil going through that pipeline and i think he might be able to say to environmentalists. >> paul: how would they do that, they won't build this thing if they don't think there's a lot of oil that go through it. >> certainly the people that want that oil are expecting a big market, but if he's at the end of that pipeline, once it
   this could be sort of a bad moment. thank you so much for joining us here today. i'll be back tomorrow for another two hours. we appreciate you joining us on america's news on america's news headquarters. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> this week on the journal, editorial report, the last revolt on health care. forget the republicans, could liberals think harry reid's senate bill and it's obama versus wall street once again. will the president's latest banker bashing do anything to help the economic recovery? plus, tensions with iran come to a head. is it time for the administration to finally act? welcome to the journal, editorial report, i'm paul gigot. among plunging poll numbers the white house scrambled to quell a liberal vote. led by vermont governor and
   aren't rising, it's causing a middle class society squeeze causing a problem not just for the fed, but also for president obama next year if this continues. >> tim, can i call this stagflation? >> yeah, you probably can. it certainly looks like what we've had in the past and, too, steve's point about the white house is really important and that the white house has to be careful they can't come out, the fed is supposed to be an independent body and they have to be careful what they say, but they should be worried about this, take, for instance, gas prices because a great deal of what you're seeing in the price spike in gas right now has to do with inflation, but, you know, thises a very easily way for people to turn around and say it has a lot to do with the lack of production in the gulf and energy policy and these things are turning around and causing makes, political headaches for the white house and there's a question of whether or not it's going to effect are derail recovery. >> all right, dan, late 1970's, the fed prints money and the price of oil soars, gold way up, silver way up,
   stay twice... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at >>> this week on the "journalrt editorial report" president obama rolling out a new tax plan. is it enough to change the debate heading into november? plus, forget the last two years. democrats are distancing themselves from the president, speaker pelosi and even from e eir party poll says. nine years after the september 11th attacks has ameri overreacted to the terror threat? some seem to think so. welcome to the "journal editorial report .". 20 months and $1 tillion in so called stimulus later has president obamatu discovered
   the employment numbers and we need to create three times as many jobs just to keep the unemployment rate where it is. these were really glum numbers. by the way, they're reflected in almost every other economic statist nick the last month. consumer confidence is falling. we are seeing rising inflation. not creating enough jobs. housing market looks weak right now. hard to see any silver lining right now. >> paul: the argument from some people is this is a temporary growth pause of kind we had last year because of the japanese earthquake, for example, because of seasonal weather-related factors, tornadoes in the midwest. is that what you see? or is this a bigger problem? >> you know, i think there is a lot of truth to what you said. certainly some of the kind of events around the world and the weather problems here have caused a pause in growth. hopefully this just is a speed bump. if you think about it, the
   we are supposed to be seeing this big boom in housing and an auto production. melissa: absolutely. 312,000 people this month just give up entirely. they said forget it. i cannot take it. i don't want to look for work anymore because i am so discouraged. why is this? people have been debating this on every network all day. why is it that we are seeing such a slow recovery? are the things we could be doing of which speeded up? or is it just the death of the financial crisis? >> it is not the death of the financial crisis. part of it is the dysfunction. a good deal of credit is being made. soon loans, junk bonds to we companies. we cannot do mortgage banking, it seems. i think it is time to break up the big banks. the interest lies in something other than banking. it is the trade deficit, the fact that we don't develop our own oil and imported. we should now be energy independent. that would be worth 3 million
   going to take a lot of the blame especially when you consider i believe the first time in american history we've lost our triple-a bond rating like you said is the gold standard. so you have to go back all the way in my upon to the dawning of the entitlement state which really started under franklin roosevelt and lyndon johnson, medicare, medicare and those splo exploding costs. 40 million americans on medicare, 40 million on medicaid. 24 million earned income tax credit checks. 7 million on unemployment. we've created this massive european style welfare state that simply isn't affordable. >> paul: steve, the president would say, sure, it's sustainable, all you've got to do is raising revenues and missing the other side of the balance sheet, you're not talking revenues. why don't we just raise taxes and that would be fine. >> because we would look like europe and i think that's what
   now here, they're succeeding. >> at my old school there were a lot of people that she had to help with and i didn't understand a lot. and in this school, there's not that many people to help and so they can get to me easier. >> they're actually helping me instead of just telling me what to do and just not worrying about it. >> there you go! >> reporter: recess is even a chance to learn. teachers supervise the interaction to use some of the social and emotional strategies being taught in the classroom. >> how to be a friend. how to sustain friendships, how to initiate play. >> reporter: being a school under the children's health council, professionals like speech and language pathologists are always on hand. >> that means that we're able to do more than just teach the academic piece or just teach kids how to read, and it really allows us to serve the whole child.
   >>> race, politics, and the >>> race, politics, and the zimmerman verdict as protests continue and calls civil rights charges, president obama weighs in on the controversy and very plus, remember those irs agents? tea party targeting came straight from washington. and involved an obama appointee and the war on walmart continues. why the latest push for higher wages could end up hurting very workers it claims to help. >> tray vor martin could have been me 35 years ago. there are very few
   >>> this week on the journal >>> this week on the journal editorial report. turmoil in libya sends oil prices soaring. you are paying more at the pump and the grocery store. bernanke says not to worry. should we? >> ohio takes a big step the opposition is digging in. new polls suggest the public supports collective bargaining. will republicans hang tough or foal? >> supreme court bombshell. all but one justice rule in favor of the westboro funeral protesters. was it the right call? there's a debate on that ahead.
   i see your pnt. i see your pnt. yeah. snores ] [ malannouncer ] we understand.® you need a partner who delivers convenience. next time use fedex office. >>> this week on "the journal editorial report" a stunning upset in delaware has some democrats celebrating but is that uprising now headed for them? and it's democrat versus democrat on capitol hill. more of the rank and file break with party leaders over plans to raise taxes on upper income z unions are howling after new jersey's governor unveils his plan to save a system that is holding $46 million in the red. welcome to the "journal editorial report". tea party candidate christine o'donnell's stunning victory tuesday over long-time
   >> they know. >> they know. sean: it really brings the reality out. coming up, we have the results of our poll. 20% of you said you do not care about the olympics in chicago. that is all the time we have. as always, let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren is next, standing by to go on the record. greta: the public option dies in the senate health-care bill because of democrats. former house speaker newt gingrich is here, and the stakes are life and death. president obama must make a decision. more troops in afghanistan or pull out? senator lindsey graham talked to the top generals. we have him in minutes. and a french feud, president nicolas sarkozy apparently furious with president obama.
   start your discovery today. start your discovery today. >> paul: this week on the journal editorial report. millions of americans rush to finish their taxes ahead of wednesday's deadline. if you think you are paying too much now wait until next year. taxes are going up not just for the rich. america's second largest city on the verge of bankruptcy. los angeles is not alone. the crisis that threatens to sink cities and states. president obama's dis dream. is it a solid strategy or wishful thinking? welcome to the journal editorial report i'm stuart varney in for paul gig -- paul gigot. with april 15th fast approaching millions are if you think you are paying a lot now wait until next year.
   start your discovery today. start your discovery today. >> paul: this week on the journal editorial report. millions of americans rush to finish their taxes ahead of wednesday's deadline. if you think you are paying too much now wait until next year. taxes are going up not just for the rich. america's second largest city on the verge of bankruptcy. los angeles is not alone. the crisis that threatens to sink cities and states. president obama's dis dream. is it a solid strategy or wishful thinking? welcome to the journal editorial report i'm stuart varney in for paul gig -- paul gigot. with april 15th fast approaching millions are if you think you are paying a lot now wait until next year.